How to wear a beanie

domainmars | February 26, 2011

The Best Way To Wear a Beanie

About Beanies:
What is a beanie?
A beanie is a snug cap, which has two primary variations. The woven form and knitted form.

When to wear beanie?

In most cases beanies are worn during cold days to keep the head warm. And for some people they wear them for smartness, some take it as a style to enhance on their beauty and smartness.

How To Wear a Beanie?

This depends on the shape of your head. In the image below you see that these ladies have different shapes of heads and hair style. So they twist the beanie depending on the shape of their heads and style of hair. For other people, it depends in the size of the beanie, you can either wear it loose (e.g., if it’s an oversized beanie) or close to the head (e.g., if it’s a close-fitting beanie)

Beanies To Wear

Dakine Waffle Visor Beanie

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