How to wear flannel

domainmars | February 18, 2011

About Plaid shirts:

Plaid Shirts will give you a wide selection of fashion choice. All plaid shirts have more than one color in them and this will give you a wide selection when choosing which jeans, pants or khakis to wear with them. If the flannel shirt has bright colors like yellow, lemon green or white, make sure you wear a dark jean , pant , khaki with them so that you can look smart.

When to wear flannel Shirts?

Most flannel Shirts are have casual designs so they will look well on casual wear than formal wear. So you can make your weekend a bright one with a flannel Shirt.

How To Wear flannel Shirts?

As you can see below, a flannel shirt looks good if you match it with a one of the colors in the shirt. If the shirt has navy blue and white, try to match it with a dark blue jean or you can match it with a white linen trouser. You do not have to tuck in the shirt, just stay casual and you will look smart.

What To Wear ?

Quiksilver Happy Place Flannel Shirt – Long-Sleeve – Men’s

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