How to wear khakis

domainmars | February 24, 2011

The Best Way To Wear khakis

Khaki pants can we worn in various styles, you can wear them as casual wear of formal wear.

Casual Wear: You wear a polo t-shirt with your khaki pant. You can either tuck in or not. Wear them with moccasins to look elegant yet casual.

You can as well wear khaki with checked plaid shirts, in this case you need to match the colors very well. If the khaki is navy blue, find a plaid shirt with white and navy blue.

Formal Wear: Wear khaki with long sleeved cuff shirts, they can match with any shirt, but match bright colors with dark colors. You do not have to wear a tie in this case. Ankle boots will work with this outfit.

Khakis To Wear:

Rhinohide Pants / Khaki

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