How to wear a tie clip

domainmars | February 28, 2011

The Best Way To Wear a tie clip

About tie clips:

Tie clips help in keeping your tie in place and adding that special gentleman’s look. If you plan to move or change positions all the time while wearing a tie, you will need a tie clip to keep the tie in position?

When to wear a tie clip?

If you expect to have a very busy day meeting with people, or delivering staff here and their, you will need this tie clip to hold your Tie firmly in one position so that you retain your smartness.

How To Wear a tie clip?

Place it just above your top jacket button so that it can be seen, make sure it doesn’t look overly close to the knot of the tie.

Tie Clips To Wear

Colibri Men’s Tie Clip. Length 2.1 in. Total Item weight 12.3 g

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