How to wear cufflinks

domainmars | March 5, 2011

The Best Way To Wear cuff-links

Cufflinks are fashion accessories for both men and women who put on high class shirts. We have cufflinks that link with a chain, double sided cufflinks, stud cufflinks and snappers

How to wear cufflinks?

1. Hold the two sides of your cuffs together, cuffs facing back to back, or inside to inside.

2.slide the closed swivel posts through both holes towards you, and swivel the post up on the side closest to your thumb.

3.If it’s through, flip the swivel bar down to keep the cufflink in place.

When to wear Cufflinks:

French cuff shirts require cufflinks, and these shirts are worn when you have a business meeting, going to work, or when you have a party. Cufflinks will hold your sleeve tight.

Cufflinks To Wear:

Silver Plated Monogrammed Cufflinks

Compass Cufflinks : Real Working Compass Cufflinks

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