How to wear Flats Without Getting Blisters

domainmars | March 30, 2011

How to wear Flats Without Getting Blisters

Flats are easy, comfortable shoes that come in many colors, designs and sizes to compliment outfits.They are stylish and add valve to outfits for casual , formal , occasional and as any desired outings . But when it comes to getting blisters with them caution has to be taken.

Purchase some little socket things in patterned colors  as well as plain black and neutral. Wear them with  ballet flats. Depending on your shoes the socket isn’t seen. This will relieve you from rubbing on your heel thus getting comfort with your flats.

Purchase  little pads that go in the back of your shoes to prevent blisters.its called mole skin it’s a piece of felt looking bandage that is sticky on the entire it at the back of heels to minimize blisters.

Another option is to wear  colored body socks with your flats.

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