How to wear eternity scarf

domainmars | April 19, 2011

How to wear Eternity Scarf:

Tips on how to wear Eternity Scarf

  • Eternity Scarf comes in two sizes the long and the small
  • For summer or spring wrap one end of the scarf around your neck , put your head through the circle once, leaving the long loop and your done .
  • For Winter wrap it three¬† times and you are all tuck in with no loose ends or longer loops.
  • For small sizes you loop it twice before you slip it on.
  • For Head Wrap you can¬† hang the entire loop over your head, twist it once about shoulder length under your neck and drop the end of the long loop back over your head.
    For the Shawl you drop the part that was over your head to the back of your head.

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